Store Interior Design

Retail interior design from a retail design agency involves planning the layout of your retail store's interior and furnishing it with decorative elements. The aim is to make it as much cosy and attractive to the customers as possible. Essentially, transforming the retail space into something more engaging needs skills and a lot of patience. With the right tips, you can give your store a makeover to improve your customers' shopping experience.


Lighting transforms the look of the merchandise inside the store making them more attractive. Install track lighting to your store to draw the attention of customers to the products on display. This kind of lighting can also be adjusted to fit the changes of the display set up. However, to find the right light balance, mostly incorporate natural light. Natural light gives retail stores an authentic feel. Customers tend to prefer stores that have ample light. Too much of the lighting can disorient and distract customers. Other alternatives for making unique  lighting include back lighting, fiber optic lights, sconces, LED lights and gels.

Window displays

Window displays introduce the customers to the store. Consider hiring a trained designer or artist to create a well-designed and effective window display. Alternatively, get a graduate student from a near design or art school to create your window display at a small fee. Aside from providing you with a well-designed display, the student is presented with an opportunity to display her work.


Shelves must always remain well organized. They should as well hold the right amount of stuff to avoid excessive cluttering. Usually, cluttered shelves detract customers. The shelves should never be left empty as it shows customers that you are poorly stocked. Also, position them at the standard viewing height of your clients. The shelves need to display items at a convenient and noticeable level.


Color provides a means of branding your store. Consider giving your store a personality by using a color scheme that resembles that of your logo, printed materials and signboards. The color used in your store should be inviting and comfortable. Apply subtle tints or shades, cool colors and earth tones. Bright primary colors such as yellow and red should only be used as accents. They tend to look aggressive and garish when applied on the entire wall.

LED screens

Use modern technology in your retail store to show the customers that you fit in the contemporary culture. Set several LED screens or a large one into the wall to play active motion graphics of your videos or logo.


Music creates ambiance to a store. Playing soft music within your store can positively affect your customer's moods. The music should not be grating, loud or offensive. Rather, it should reflect your products. Besides, avoid playing music from a local radio station since the commercials can be disruptive. Instead, use free commercial satellite stations.


Consider using various scents to make your clients feel good. The smell should be subtle. Some sources of scents you can select from include incense and plug-ins, candles and potpourri.